First year archery team impresses


Clay Blanchard

Junior Michael Seale aims for a bullseye.

Leah Clark, Assignments Editor

St. Joesph’s archery team has finished its first season.

Archery is one of the newest sports to come up at St. Joseph Catholic School. It’s been a long time coming as this sport has become very popular in recent years, especially in the South.

St. Joseph students were able to attend two interest meetings with Coach Scott Trousdale, who brought the team to the school. “We were looking for an opportunity to allow students to participate in a sport,” said Trousdale. Trousdale, himself, first began archery as a kid, but only as a hobby.

The team was open to students whether they had a background in archery or not. Aedan Ramos, a St. Joseph seventh grader, had experience in archery but, he had never been on team. He enjoyed the new experience of competitive archery. “The team has expanded my knowledge on the sport.” Ramos said. “For an example, the team taught me that there was a whole process while shooting.”

The team consisted of high school and middle school students who practiced in the cafeteria. They practiced from 4:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. and on most weekdays. 

St. Joseph’s archery team attended eight meets this past season. They started out slow, however, they improved by 500 points during the team’s first competition at South State. “Being the first year to have a team, all of the archers improved tremendously.” said Trousdale. 

“We had a good turnout for our first year and hope that it continues to grow as more students find out about it.”