The arts are essential to society

Bianca McCarty, Assisstant Editor

We need STEM, but when the arts get pushed into the background because of STEM, we need to reevaluate.

I fully understand why we need sciences, technology, engineering and math, and appreciate how important they are. Our society couldn’t function without these vital subjects. The most average things wouldn’t be possible. We couldn’t build houses, we couldn’t fly in airplanes, and we couldn’t even play mindless games on our cell phones. 

But in every single on of these examples, there is an artist involved. When a person builds a house, another walks in and decides what colors the walls should be painted and what furniture should go where. When a person engineers a plane, another decides how the seats should be arranged and how to design the safety cards. When a person codes an app, another designs the characters and draws the backgrounds. 

Artists keep us from living in a drab world. They take the things that the scientists and engineers create and elaborate upon them. 

Aside from art making the world a more beautiful place, it can also help students learn. Not all students learn in the traditional way. Study guides and powerpoint presentations just don’t work for every one. When arts are incorporated into the every day curriculum, it gives students with more visual or hands-on learning styles a chance to learn their way, as well as adding variety to the classroom. Some students can communicate their ideas better through the arts, rather than traditional ways of communication. 

Art can help students make connections to the world around them, a skill that will benefit them later in life. 

It is often that case that students comprehend a concept better when it is presented in an engaging way. For some students, that’s note taking and for others, it’s something creative or artistic. Every student should be given the opportunity to learn their way. Of course, not every class period needs to be art-oriented, but even the occasional art project can benefit the students. 

Art is often considered a non-essential subject. But do the people who say that really want to live in a world without artists?